Relationships transcend the ‘job’

In response to many of the e-mails I wanted to take a moment to clarify things a bit…

When it’s time to go, it’s time to go.  After 5 ½ years, it is difficult to remove what has been such a big part of your life; but when you start to realize that the relationships you have made have nothing to do with the ‘job’ and that you can actually CONTINUE them; because there is no true workspace ‘barrier’ – most of your relationships are with people you have never physically met anyways, ya know?   It’s not like we had a real watercooler to meet around.  E-mail and Yahoo Groups that aren’t consultant-specific, such as CTMHFriends still exist for us.  I was never about the sales – it was about the relationships and the art.  Those things stay with me.

After all, it isn’t like when I left IBM to become a SAHM.  Once I stopped going to the office that was pretty much IT for those relationships.  But all we had in common was a job, not a hobby/craft, but a job.  Scrapbooking is about relationships, and having shared those, the relationships run deeper than a regular day-job.

It was easy to leave IBM, just hard to readjust to a life where I seemingly didn’t get much accomplished during a day!  That was where CTMH filled the gaps and made me feel like more than a diaper-changer.  I am grateful for that, but I had a lot of growing up to do in order to realize and appreciate how truly lucky I am, being able to be home full-time with my children.

Now, with the children in school full-time, yet again I have these ‘gaps’ to fill.  The question is what do you fill them with?  For me, that started becoming ART.  Time to CREATE.  So I began to truly indulge my creative side and start using mixed media – all the way from metal embossing to face painting!  And I began to shed the direct sales portion like something I’d grown out of.

Time to continue the move forward, wherever it takes me!  I cannot wait to continue to share the journey with my friends.  Let’s go make something!

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