cha cha cha Changes!

Yep, I officially resigned from CTMH yesterday.  I haven’t been selling, and that has been by choice as I explore new avenues of creativity and outlets for teaching.

I have had a WONDERFUL time as a consultant, and I have achieved all the things I set out to.  I became a Director.  I attended and taught at convention and national tour, many times.  I have a great team.

But it was time to make a choice, and it is not a reflection on the wonderful products that CTMH has to offer.  I just felt that after 5 years, I had truly AMASSED enough of them, and when it came down to SPEND in order to get basically reimbursed for the spending, it just seemed silly to me; and a disservice to my team.  I am not actively being a consultant.  I spoke to my upline, and she was so surprised, and not surprised.  She knows me!  She works her business and it will be a win-win situation for everyone involved.  I asked her to contact my team in her own words to get things rolling, instead of my saying goodbye with something that they might misconstrue as negative.  Because it’s not.  It’s a new beginning.  And I offered to be available for whatever she needs from me.

Frankly, I didn’t want 100 catalogs that I wasn’t going to do anything with.  My local girls have their own Autoships to deal with.  And on a deeper level, I didn’t need to just hang on for commissions that I wouldn’t earn when my own upline WOULD deserve them and support the team and be UP TO DATE on everything CTMH is doing.  That happens too often in the MLM industry.

Meanwhile other things are starting to get momentum, and I want to pursue them.

I will not be with another direct sales company.  That is an absolute

But I will be on HGTV (air date to be announced!).

This morning when I turned on my web browser, the familiar consultant login screen appeared.  It’s time to change my ‘home page’.  It’s time to focus on other things in my life.  So I am tipping my hat to CTMH.  Thanks for the memories!

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