Ok, if forced – kicking and screaming… to list my personal favorite 'starter set' of Copic colors. They would be…

All of the 'quad zeros' for blending, plus:

  • R81 / R85 / R89
  • YG03 / YG07 / YG97 (for shading leaves)
  • Y32 / Y35 / Y38
  • B21 / B24 / B28
  • G21 / G24 / G28
  • BV11 / BV13 / BV17
  • E00 / E21 / E31, and E13 for suntan, E04 for lips (Note:this is for Caucasian skin tone).

Ok there. I said it. LOL. But with 334 colors and the knowledge about color theory YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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