Unwritten – a New Tattered Angels SNEAK PEEK!

Have you ever heard the song, 'Unwritten', by Natasha Bedenfield?  If you have, you probably got sick of how much it was overplayed when it first came out – but in any case, if you pay close attention to the lyrics there is so much beautiful meaning to them.  At least it truly inspires me every time I hear it.  Click on the link above for the song.  I just love it.  Sway with me…

When I first started working on this piece I didn't even realize the inspiration until I was humming the song and listening to the lyrics and BLAM – oh.my.gosh.  It was there all along.

…open up the dirty window and let the sun illuminate the words that you cannot find…

…today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.

The mesh is the foundation and framework of my life.  On it are my family pictures in frames.  They give me wings.  I realize how many things have happened in my life that are unplanned, or serendipitous.  Sometimes it just takes one simple phone call to change your entire course.  And sometimes you have to pick up that phone even if you are afraid to ask for what you want.  Life is a fabulous adventure.  You hold the key to your own future.  And so I made this wall hanging.


The basis for this piece is several sheets of foam core board.  I cut a rough eye shape in nesting sizes within the pieces, which I then stippled with clear caulk for the textural look.  Once this was dry, I airbrushed some colors of Copic Alcohol Ink onto the surfaces for a light coloration.  Then I stippled over these with Hayride, Tidepool, and Rustic Glimmer Glam.

I stained the window frame, embossed metal, frames and metal latchbox with Cowboy (brown) Glimmer Glaze.  Yes, it's a multi-surface ink!  It dried so nice and quickly.

There's a New FRAMED FONT – Postage Stamp (this is a frame, cut in half) surrounding my embossed metal.  A favorite quote was hand embossed into the metal: "Sometimes you just have to take a leap and build your wings on the way down."


I covered the angel's wings from the Nature Glimmer Glass collection with ICICLE GLIMMER GLAZE with a touch of HAYRIDE GLIMMER GLAM.

Look at the teeny skinny pencil right below the word, 'Unwritten'!  Even the hanger and clips were coated with Cowboy Glimmer Glaze.  Great schtuff!


The window opens and shuts.  Behind it you can get a glimpse of the words, "reaching ever farther for your potential", from a Prima Clear Paintable.

Now that's the ticket – how about some GLIMMER GLASS – Clear Destination collection.  I layered it onto it's coordinating chip from the GLIMMER CHIPS – Destination Unknown collection.  'Adventure' is also part of this collection.   


And look at this gorgeous compass.  It's from the GLIMMER GLASS – Clear Destination collection too.  Also, the filmstrip frame underneath my picture. 

What a great collection to work with.  I truly LURV this piece too.  It may be hanging in the booth at CHA – but it's coming home with me.  LOL!

So I'll close with another portion of the lyrics:

"I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines.
We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way."

I know this may not speak to you in the same way as some of my other work, but that's what I like about the creative process.  My work tends to go in so many directions.  And I love the process as much as the end result.


Better jump onto Facebook, folks.  The box is getting heavy and the days are drawing to a close!  And just in case you feel similarly inspired – perhaps you'd like to work with these items:

I can't even get these anymore.  I miss visiting the Heathers up in Morris!!!

Thanks for looking!


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