All hot and bothered

I spent this past weekend at a sales representative’s show for the craft trade.  The company hosting is Susan C. Gilman’s group.  They represent 50-ish papercrafting companies.  I’ll go into the show later tonight.  For now, I am trying to kick out the ICK!!!  The hotel at which the event was hosted must have been a hotbed of DUST and MILDEW.  Many attendees were complaining of headaches, and the poor folks that suffer from migraines — you could see it on their faces.  As each day went by I got more and more congested and miserable.  I don’t know if this an allergy attack or just a nasty bug brought on by that hotel – but I am NOT staying there next year.  I will find another hotel to stay at nearby.

So I barely made it through class on Sunday night and then slept most of the ride home.  Aided by Benadryl.  But didn’t sleep well at all because, well that stuff doesn’t aid sleep, it just creates a groggy state.  But at least I could breathe (a bit).  Monday was spent on the couch, and Neil was kind to make dinner and pick the kids up. 

But today I had HAD IT!  I hate sitting around.  So I started cleaning windows. I figure more fresh air will do me good and it is an astonishing 70 degrees here today.  Neil just appeared to make me some lunch; and then I am going to take a break.  No step ladders for me today though — I’m feverish and would certainly fall down.  I’m not studid, just sick of being sick.  LOL!

So I’m going to throw a couple of loads of laundry around and let the machines make me feel productive for a few hours before the kids get home.

I hope you have a productive day – and no ick!

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