Mum’s the word – or is it?

Mother's Day is as good a time as any for reflection.  What does being a Mom mean to me?

Knowing who you are!  I said, 'Mums the word' – but apparently not:

  • Brianna calls me 'Momma'
  • Courntey calls me 'Mommy'
  • Cameron calls me 'Mom'

It's pretty fun to notice these little differences.

Waking up to this poster on the back deck door.


Blaring songs in the car and LISTENING to your child sing.  Or as in the case of Friday evening, listening to three young Boy Scouts singing.  All kids are pretty marvelous that way.

Using window markers to decorate your car in support of your daughter's soccer team, and yes, driving it all over town for the entire week like that – because we had so much fun doing it.  And then adding more details the next week and doing it all over again.  Heck, I'd drag out the face paints too, if she wanted me to.

Watching goalie practice for TWO HOURS and enjoying it.  Conversly taking a nap in the car every now and then during regular practice. I admit it.

Knowing that Cameron likes to rest his head against me, with his little earlobe flipped back.  Do we care why?

Reading books that your children read too – and then going to midnight movie premieres together.

Noticing that the oldest is starting to borrow your accessories with regularity.

Harping on them to finish their homework, finish their breakfast, pick up their rooms.  And knowing that one day you will really miss that — ok, maybe not all of it?

That dratted ability to simultaneously see every possible thing that could go wrong in any situation involving your child.  Talk about instinct.  You suddenly become the QUEEN of anxiety when you've got short people.  I remember the first taste of that, when I was driving my niece home one night, before I had short people of my own.  I looked in that rear view mirror – and suddenly became the safest driver on the road.  Now that niece is about to graduate college, but I'll never forget that first glimpse of how it could feel to have a child of my own.

Absolutely treasuring every little drawing they make.  Every poem they write.  Every goofy carnival activity made out of cardboard boxes that comes my way.

Loving that little twinkle in the eye – the smile.  The way they 'work it' to win me over on some scheme.  With Courtney we call it 'The Beam'.  She knows just how to shine it…

And knowing that you are just so lucky to have this thing called Motherhood.  I wanted it so badly.

So here's to all the Moms out there.  And if you are child-free – here's to YOUR Mom.  And if you are missing your Mom today my heart goes out to you.  Remember the love.

There is so much to celebrate.

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