A Tale of Two Birthday Cards

The twins were invited to two themed birthday parties this weekend. 

Courtney was invited to a girl's party with a Hunger Games theme.  She hasn't read the book and it doesn't interest her — so we went girly with her card and tied it into the gift bag colors.

I started this card by doing something I had promised myself after I had cleaned up my studio — go to the 'Unfinished Card Parts' drawer in my library bureau.  There I found a card base of Orchid Bouquet, a neon green vellum, a bit of Prima cut up and already stamped floral image.  To this I added the Prima 'Say It In Studs' corner embellishments, a neon duo of flowers and a glass pebble center. On the inside we stamped a fun word search puzzle with a birthday theme by DRS Designs.

The focal point had Xyron-applied adhesive with glitter sprinkled over the top.

Then, to get more 'in theme', I decorated the envelopes with a stencil and Glimmer Mist.  Courtney had been assigned to District 8, and told this was the textile district on her invitation.  So we designed the outside of the card envelope.


Cameron was invited to a Jurassic Park-themed birthday party.

I asked him if he would like a dinosaur texture to his card and he agreed. 


So out came the Thin Modeling Paste.  I sponged it on and then applied a texture stamp over the top to get the scales on the skin.

To this I applied Da Vinci Acrylic Paint in Paynes Gray, mixed with Yellow Ochre.  Once this was dry, I put a thin wash coat of Green Gold over the top.  Once dry, I sprayed English Ivy Glimmer Mist to get the irridiscent scales to show up.  Last, I applied Peppermint Stick Glimmer Mist to the bite marks and the splotch. 🙂

Cameron decorated the interior by writing in dribbly script – 'I hope you survive your birthday.'

The spontaneous hug and kiss as well as the 'Awesome!' I got when the card was done is more priceless than I can convey.  It's not often I get that kind of reaction anymore from my 11 year old boy.

So we've had a busy Saturday, including a win for Brianna's soccer team.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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