Making Time for Organizing – Ribbon

I’m definitely a bad meeting attender. I just cannot sit there when there is no need to take notes and listen and NOT do something with my hands. Case in point, a soccer team meeting this weekend: I sat there throughout the meeting quietly spooling ribbon to put in this ribbon organizer.


I had sold my beloved library bureau over the weekend, and part of that was emptying it out. Almost everything found a home in my library card file drawers.

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But the ribbon wasn’t cooperating. It needed to come out of the drawer, off of those spools and into organized chaos. Enter the Best ribbon organizer. I purchased four trays of these at a CK convention when I was in St. Louis one year on business. I dutifully filled two of them. But I have two MORE trays of these ribbon organizers that were empty….

And so with a day looming ahead of gym, taking the girls to the mall (during which I hit the Fedex Office to put in a print job) and then the soccer meeting – I picked the meeting as the only place I would get some side-hustle organization going on.

One has to marvel at the beauty of this thing. It takes ribbon on those big spools of space usage nightmare and condenses them down to these little ribbon ‘cores’. Buh bye space-wasting spools.

So I took notes, wound ribbon and came home feeling like I’d gotten SOMETHING accomplished, even though I hadn’t stepped foot in my studio today. One tray to go! Any meetings or appointments coming up?

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