Organizing & Storing Paint Brushes

As a mixed-media artist, I have paintbrushes for several different styles of art making. I have brushes for: WatercolorsAcrylics, specifically Golden OPEN AcrylicsOilsMixed MediaAlcohol Ink As well as a large jar of brushes that I don't care about, and are available for anybody in the family to grab OR for me to use in a way I wouldn't want to expose a good brush to. Don't we all have one of … [Read more...]

Making Time for Organizing – Ribbon

I'm definitely a bad meeting attender. I just cannot sit there when there is no need to take notes and listen and NOT do something with my hands. Case in point, a soccer team meeting this weekend: I sat there throughout the meeting quietly spooling ribbon to put in this ribbon organizer. I had sold my beloved library bureau over the weekend, and part of that was emptying it out. Almost … [Read more...]