Jam-Packed. A call for High School Expansion – by my niece!

Take a look at this video, created for the Board of Education that is posted on the high school web site, shown on two local channels once an hour, and is shown in the lobbies of every school in town. There are now about 40 DVDs floating around town of the film. The context – our high school, is overcrowded, and we are projecting growth for the next seven years. We are within a month of a referendum in town to approve a $41 million addition, and my niece was asked to produce a film to help explain the problem.

After the local television station saw the film, they asked who Laura was, and said if she was graduating college right now they would hire her. In fact, they have offered her an internship starting this May, which she is planning to do.

The filming, editing and composition are all Laura. She also wrote the narration script, which her boyfriend reads. Another friend wrote and played all original music for the soundtrack. Take a look!  I’m so proud of her.


*edited to add* Use the link above if you cannot see the embedded video.  Thanks for letting me know.

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