Happy Father’s Day!

The kids have all their handmade goodies ready inside their school backpacks for giving to Daddy tomorrow.  After all, what is better than a gift made by hand?  Or at least something that took a bit of time instead of a few clicks of the mouse button, right?  Well I hope so. 

I had perused a local shop with all manner of grilling things and couldn't come up with anything that either: he has, or knows how to use better than I do — so would probably like to make his own choices.  So perhaps grilling supplies are kind of like crafting supplies — better left up to the DOer to select.

But undeterred, I pondered what to give to the griller that has everything?  I had made comment to my son today that I now had FOUR KIDS (not including the puppy, and YES referring to the big guy himself).  So I used that idea for inspiration to put together a quick photoshop using Creative Imaginations' Caution Boy line by Marah Johnson (purchased as a digital kit through Polkadotpotato).  I picked the flame paper, cropped it to 8 1/2 x 11 (to fit my photo transfer paper), and cloned out the word plaque 'Danger'.  Then I put a photo of the kidoodles on top with Neil.  Oh, I mean with Goofy.


Lastly, I used the freeware Disney Print font for my sentiment and followed instructions to transfer it onto the apron.  Voila!  I wish I could tell you where I downloaded it from — but happy Googling!

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