Halloween – dressup for everybody

I had some fun creating a CI Reyna Castle Book into a Wizard / Halloween book of sorts last night.  I’m teaching some classes up in New Hampshire right before Halloween and wanted to make a fun class that people could put to use right away.  Here is the result:

     Of course, this got me thinking ahead to Halloween.  I’ll admit, it is one of my favorite holidays.  Started mostly because my birthday is the day after (how scary is that?  I AGE at midnight on Halloween night) – so it seemed growing up and even today that I always had the most wonderful celebrations to look forward to.

     I never liked haunted houses.  I don’t like people reaching out and grabbing me.  Ick!  And horror flicks have never been my thing.  But to see a bunch of people shed their ‘selves’ for a night and play dressup.  It is pretty fun to see a Corporate Banker as a pirate.  Hmmmm.  Our neighborhood has had some amazing parties for the adults every year.  I’m sure this year will be no different.  Here are some favorite pictures from Halloween’s past:

     The Donald and Melania (aka Steve and Donna)

     and Neil, Diane and I as the Matrix ‘twins’ and Trinity.


     I love dress-up.  I love to facepaint, which in recent years has been well utilized for our neighborhood gatherings.  And I love to scare the neighborhood kids.  They’ve come to expect it!

     Neil really gets into the spirit of things.  I probably paint him three different ways for Halloween celebrations at work and around town.


     So I ordered the kids’ costumes tonight.  We have a Darth Vadar (Cameron), a Bunny (Courtney), and a ‘silvermist’ fairy (Brianna). 

     Interesting that last year we had Superman (Cameron), Little Bo Peep (Courtney) and a Fairytopia fairy (Brianna).  Hmmm, we’ve gone from superhero so supervillian.  Pink/White and Cute remains, and still have a fairy in our midst.

     Like I said, I love Halloween.  Now I have a few more reasons to love it!

     And speaking of dressup – I booked our trip to Disney for February 2008 during Winter Break.  The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is opening up in Cinderella’s Castle (tomorrow?).  You know I was first in line to book an appointment for our trip!  Woo Hoo!  I’m going to enjoy these little kid years for as long as I can and to the fullest.

     Who knows what I’ll be this year, but I have to admit, I’m thinking Neil would look awesome as Davey Jones.  Besides the face paining, I think I could rig my blonde wig to work as the tendrils with some Ranger color wash application!

     What are you and yours going to do for dress-up this year?

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