Slightly less technology in this message…

Cameron is a growing boy.  At age 6, he could EAT all day.  He is always hungry, and it is always an absolute urgent need  :o)  Funny that he actually is the slowest eater on the planet though.  And the pickiest of my bunch!  Peanut butter sandwich NO JELLY.  Chicken nuggets NO CATSUP.  Cheese Pizza (NO SAUCE (at least not apparent). 

Hpim7070webI was on the phone today and Cameron began foraging and jumping around trying to get into cabinets.  Some vanilla yogurt and green grapes did the trick.  And this is what I found tonight when I noticed the refrigerator.  It’s funny – this is becoming somewhat of a message board…

Do you see a common theme? 

And funny that he ran out of e’s with all the ‘eat’s spelled out.  Pretty creative creation of a letter ‘E’ for his name if you ask me.

What you cannot see is that he layered all the kids soccer magnets so that only his is showing – and put the ‘Mommy’s Little Helper’ magnet over his picture.

Love this {hungry} boy.

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