Did Somebody Say Beach?

Just got back from Texas where they do EVERYTHING big, including big temperatures.  As I told Cat Beaty, of Cat's Creations; I can still see an impression of the zipper from my luggage on one finger, where I was unfortunate to try and open it while it had been sitting in the car all morning.  Morning, people!!!  It was HAWT!  My clothing proved that it wouldn't melt.  LOL.

I also improved my hotel videography skillz.  Well a little.  I filmed this lovely technique video for Tattered Angels one evening.  Too much fun not to share some playtime.

And I had so much fun at Scrapper's Boutique, The Crafty Scrapper and Cat's Creations last weekend.  I just may have to come back in October.  :)  Actually, it's more than a *may*.  I probably cannot hit all three, just from a logistical standpoint.  But my friend Jen Starr and I are heading to a 'Bra Free Weekend' at the Ten Seconds Studios retreat house, to get all kinds of certified in Metal Working with the fabulous Cheryl Darrow.  And then we might just be swinging by these stores for some workshops…  likey?

Back to the present.  This weekend I'm off to Toronto, taking a little road trip.  I'm hoping to get some pictures at the Niagara Falls.  I've never seen it before!  Workshops are filling fast, so contact The Bizzy B (see sidebar) to get your seats!

And then, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  The beach.  Of course, I get a little respite from the relative relaxation *snicker* and will be teaching a couple of workshops at Carolina Stamper (see sidebar) at the end of the month.  But then I am cutting off any traveling that doesn't include the fam, and onto the beach until….August if I am a good girl.  No CHA-Summer for me.  I did that last year, and regretted it immediately just because I didn't really immerse into summertime like I should.  Short people time keeps a girl *centered*.

But before it's all big, floppy hats, sand castles and umbrella-clad refreshments I am all about booking the late Summer, Autumn and Winter locations all the way until Winter-CHA in Los Angeles.  Ts will be crossed and Is dotted before I hit the beach.  So if you want me at a shop near you, darling reader – now's the time to ask.  I've got a gazillion tentatives out there and the calendar is booking up fast.  Watch the sidebar.  I will provide more details as they firm up.  One more round of phone calls tomorrow should get some schtuff rolling.

Any plans for summer?  I know that besides the beach, I intend to dig out my craft studio from it's pending-Hoarders status.  I plan to go to a weekend crop (insert shocked pause, that hasn't happened in FAR too long).  But that is the extent of the plans.  How about you?

Let's relax, take pictures and make schtuff.  Summer CHA is fast approaching and I will definitely be plugging in with new workshops in mind.  Let me know if you see something I simply must use!

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