Today’s post brought to you by the letter C.

Sorry for the old Sesame Street reference.  I couldn't help it.  The letter C is on my mind. Keeping it light ... first I'll be traveling from C to shining C.  From Connecticut to California for three workshops on October 1st at Scrapbooking Made Simple, the best scrapbooking store in Los Angeles! Saturday, October 1st10:00am - noonMixed-Media 'She Art' on a … [Read more...]

Mixed-Media Art Journaling Page

Recent events have me looking for answers and trying to wrap my head, heart and hands around human nature.  No, I'm not throttling it -- but I would love a No Drama Zone posted over my house for the next, oh say, decade? This morning I started to write, and this came out: "Allow others to deeply know you.Take off the mask.Be real. Wear your battle scars proudly. But remember that they don't … [Read more...]

Nothing could be finer…

Nothing could be finer than to be teaching in the Carolinas this weekend!  When I first contacted the two stores I am visiting on Friday and Saturday, I dubbed this weekend the 'Southern Lovin' Tour, since we are so close to Valentines' Day. Friday I'm starting off tomorrow with a return visit to the lovely Enchanted Cottage in Lewisville, NC.  Please contact the store … [Read more...]

Merry Makings

I have been having such a messy, fun, glittery time with my projects this month that I've not nearly posted enough!  So I will share this art journal page with you today. ART JOURNAL This one makes me happy.  I used a Strathmore Visual Journal (Mixed Media) for a collage and art journal project.  This is one of the page spreads.  Like any collage, there are always lots … [Read more...]

A new ART-C adventure!

At Summer CHA a new line of ART-C mixed media embellishments was introduced.  You can read about it more here on the Little Yellow Bicycle blog.  I had to find out more about it.  So this September during ScrapFest at the Mall of America, I asked my good friend, Liz Hicks, to introduce me to her friend Thom at C-Thru Ruler Company.  C-Thru owns the brands: … [Read more...]