Branching Out Necklace with Draped Strands

I've never been a fan of using the closure/clasp as a focal point, but my niece sent me a Pinterest link which had me re-imagining using this tree branch instead and making the closure a smaller lobster clasp instead of the traditional toggle/bar closure so that it was less focal and more functional.    All materials from Blue Moon Beads.   Thanks for the Pinspiration, … [Read more...]

Waterfall Necklace

I was inspired by a couple of strands of beads to make this sea glass-inspired waterfall style necklace. I always lay out my beads in advance, and take a picture of the idea - just in case I knock the whole thing onto the floor. Using rolo chain as the base, I strung the beads together with six shorter strands and 9 longer strands, one of them having a larger focal point bead at the end. These … [Read more...]

I just made this 'Choose Love' necklace in antiqued bronze. The moment I saw this pendant, I knew I had to make something so I could wear it right away. I attached a little hinged amulet below for capturing wishes, hopes and dreams along the way. All materials from Blue Moon Beads. … [Read more...]

Urban Warrior and Brass Owl Necklace and Earrings

Here is a coordinating necklace and earrings set that I made using the Urban Warrior collection, and using one of the new pendants and some owl dangles that I modified use to attach to the chain.   I love combining differing styles of chain, using jump rings to attach the two sides.  I hung the Tree of Life pendant from the center of the necklace. Then I used a Cropadile tool to punch … [Read more...]

Ribbon Candy Necklace

Today's project is a mixed-metal piece with wire-wrapped beads that remind me of intricate glass candy confections finished off with a bow. (click on picture for a larger view) I started by attaching the focal point, a wood pendant with several charms attached, to a gold branch.  It seemed like a nice organic fit to mix these two elements. I wire wrapped some small faceted … [Read more...]