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Recent events have me looking for answers and trying to wrap my head, heart and hands around human nature.  No, I’m not throttling it — but I would love a No Drama Zone posted over my house for the next, oh say, decade?

This morning I started to write, and this came out:

“Allow others to deeply know you.
Take off the mask.
Be real.

Wear your battle scars proudly. But remember that they don’t define you. They are only a small part of who you are.
You are still becoming.
You are beautifully damaged.
Don’t hold back and be guarded. It leaves a space that seems so much larger than what you show to the world.

Something is missing.

That something can be felt.
It’s a void – fill it!
Or others can only fill in the blank with mistrust.

Ask for what you want.
You need to be heard.
Say it. Feel it. Know it. Trust it.

Be trustworthy.
Be true.
Be loyal.

And dare I say it?… LIVE OUT LOUD!!!”

It felt so great to write it and get the words out – that I decided to make an art journaling page to accompany it.

Please click on picture for a larger view.

That felt good.

But it took a lot out of me.  Now it would feel even better to go to bed. 🙂

Love you, girlfriends.  You know what this is about. 

More deets and even a video showing the process forthcoming.

Night all!


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