That is my new term for the wonderful folks at Ranger Industries.  If you don't know this about me, I am a spreadsheet FREAK!  I love to inventory all my creative supplies, because of three things: I don't want to buy anything I already own It makes me accountable for the money I've spent -- therefore I must USE the supplies I can make sure to get the nth color of every collection I … [Read more...]

crafting ‘death match’

At Ranger U this weekend, we had their version of the crafting ‘death match’. *winking at Ellen H.*  LOL!  But we had 2 hours on Saturday evening, to put our newfound skills and knowledge to the test and alter two 4x4 Canvas Concepts canvases for our presentation on Sunday morning to Tim Holtz and Robin Beam. I used a bunch of fantastic Ranger Products on here, including: Adirondack … [Read more...]

{She} is inspired

Spent the weekend attending Ranger University with Tim Holtz and Robin Beam.  WOW!!! Thanks a million to my roomie, Ellen, for putting up with me.  I tend to get CHARGED up on adreneline.  Well duh! Also met  J'Lo, (still jaw-droppingly inspired by you), Judi (wowzers to you, on your business!!), Kriss (a scrapbooker after my own heart), Lynn (hope you are feeling better … [Read more...]


I love Springtime.  Everything blooms anew - it all starts over!  Springtime is always LATE in Connecticut, but when it comes -- it takes your breath away.  Ok, literally, this year.  Allergies were something I never had until I turned 40 -- happy birthday?  But here they are!  Welcome to the land of Allegra... Speaking of which, Allegra made last weekend possible - … [Read more...]