That is my new term for the wonderful folks at Ranger Industries.  If you don’t know this about me, I am a spreadsheet FREAK!  I love to inventory all my creative supplies, because of three things:

  1. I don’t want to buy anything I already own
  2. It makes me accountable for the money I’ve spent — therefore I must USE the supplies
  3. I can make sure to get the nth color of every collection I adore.

So there I was last night, happily sorting through my new Ranger stash and inventorying everything in my spreadsheet.  And it just floored me how generous they were to us RangerUettes.  There has got to be upwards of $1,000 (retail) in product here!

And of course I {need} more.  I have to have all 12 colors of this, and 48 colors of that…

But at least they also gave a wholesale account for the teachers and demonstrators that attended.  The distributors, manufacturers and stores probably just let that one go over their heads — they already have this of course — but for independent instructors?  WOWIE!!

Now, if you are one of my peeps, I must inform you that this is NOT for resale and you will have to go to your fantastic local/online stores to get Ranger products.  No more discussion.  I am totally going to respect this awesome gift they have given me and the local stores that I teach for who carry Ranger products.

Ok, soap box has been removed.

For me, that is a gift that I can never repay — it allows me to continue teaching on the road, and to keep class costs down.

And once the nth color of everything arrives next week — I am going to go absolutely mad designing new classes for the SDVs — watch out!!  I already bought non-stick craft sheets and Tim Holtz Ink Applicators for my classroom… so we are gonna get inky, ladies!

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