Back to School They Go…

It's annual picture-taking moments like the 'First Day of School' that so astonishingly mark the passage of time in my life. 

I remember a few years ago, taking a picture of Courtney climbing onto the school bus.  I wondered if she could make the step!

Truly all three of them look like such 'big kids' to me now…

But I remembered a time when Bri wouldn't leave the house unless she was wearing pink.  Courtney wouldn't dare ware pink (it's all Blue for her) and Cameron is wild for green.  I commented about it – and sure enough – Cameron changed his outfit.  That wasn't my intent.  LOL!

Big kids or not … I still surprised them with Mr. Happy Breakfast.

I mean really, wouldn't that make you smile – even if you were a bit foggy-tired in the morning?

I was happy to see three other neighborhood girls on the bus with Brianna.  One of the girls is a senior in the high school, and was so shocked to see Brianna on the Middle School/High School bus.  Even a former babysitter is amazed at how much they've grown…

As usual, the twinkies have each other for company while they waited for the bus.


And they're off…

I've already done two loads of laundry and the dishes, on top of making breakfast and filling out a gazillion school-related forms.  And I'm considering a quick cat-nap.  5:45am comes way too early!  But that is one privelege of back to school…a bit of free time during the day. 

And then I'll go paint Courtney's room… lest you thought the leisure thing would go on for long.

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