Fresh Take on School Supplies…

This morning we did a 'dry run' for our first day back to school tomorrow!  Everybody did well, adjusting to the earlier morning and they are excited for the real thing tomorrow.  It is going to be Q.U.I.E.T. in this house tomorrow.  But I've got a painting job to do in Courtney's room, so I will be quite busy.

Meanwhile, one final school supply needed some adjustment.  Courtney's teacher had requested a Trapper Keeper style notebook.  We couldn't find one that Courtney liked, and then Brianna took out hers from last year. 

Hmmm, it has her name and some more scrawled on the front.  In permanent marker of course.  Regardless Courtney can see the possibilities with this notebook – and I know just what to do to give it a facelift.  Use my Copic Markers and my airbrush!

Courtney's favorite color is blue, and this seemed like it would be able to obscure the 'graffiti' on the notebook.  I taped down a couple of pieces of cardstock to mask the pink design on the notebook and took a piece of KI Memories lace cardstock and some blue markers….

And the result was a custom airbrushed binder that meets her needs and taste!

I put a light coat of PYMII Acrylic UV Sealer over the top to protect the work from handling and fading and VOILA it is as good as new.  Better – because she knows that Mommy made it for her.

So the backpacks are at the ready.  The laundry and dishes are in progress.  Now I'm off to the grocery store to get a little bit of this and that.  And then I'll take the short people to the pool for their last day of Summer.

It is a beautiful day.

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