Frosty the Snowman card

Here in Connecticut, we've gotten 9 inches of snow today.  Mother Nature decided to do it big for the first real snowstorm of the season!  No little dusting would do.  The trees are full.  The puppy's fur is full of little balls of snow as we sit by the fire 'melting' together.  But my driveway is, thankfully, plowed.  However I have no intention of going out tonight.  And I have to finish up a winter card swap.  But I really don't like making every card alike.  Just like a snowflake, they all need to be different in some way.  So let's play with some FROST colored Glimmer Mist instead!

To recreate a bit of the winter wonderland on this greeting card, I decided to mix it up with the surfaces a bit.  I want the shine and sparkle of ice and snow to be incorporated into its design.  So I started with a patterned cardstock, with a subtle monochromatic print as the card base.  To this I added a printed transparency with numbers printed all over it.  To me, this was reminiscent of how much snow is falling outside.  I love it when they say, '6 to 10 inches'.  Such a big range.  It really does seem like they are guessing.  LOL.  So lots of numbers in a subtle print.  Then I used a pretty crystal swirl, to be like the wind whipping around my scene.  And then I placed my chipboard letters and Glimmer Glass snowflakes in place. 

Now it's time to bring everybody together.  I sprayed this entire design liberally with Glimmer Mist in Frost.  I love how Glimmer Mist has such different effects on the many surfaces.  When you apply it to a glossy surface, such as a transparency, or Glimmer Glass – you get this more 'chunky', watercolor effect.  It dries quickly enough though.


And for the chipboard letters, I dabbed it on a little more heavilly with a makeup wedge, so it would deposit around the edges nicely.


And now onto that snowman.  He's pretty special.  I started with the printed Frosty Memories snowman, the smaller one in the set.  I thought it would be fun to color in his carrot nose, so I brought out my Copic Markers.  But I couldn't stop there.  


I shaded around the edges of the image with BG000 and B00, pulling these together with the Colorless Blender to make them fade nicely.  Then I used B91, B93 and B99 on the scarf, to make it match my other card elements.  I used the cool gray, C0 on shadowed areas, such as near the buttons, under the scarf and under his top hat.  I knew that these markers could handle an application of Glimmer Mist, since the markers are alcohol based — so I put a light dusting of Frost onto the snowman as well.  Look how the Glimmer Chipboard just SpArKlEs!

So like snow and ice, the play of surfaces is very different when you apply Glimmer Mist to them.  There are so many lovely visual effects.  And like icicles, the transparent nature of the Glimmer Mist doesn't eliminate the background colors – it amplifies and adds to them.  I love how just one color can help unite several pieces of your project together.


Stay warm.  But get your hands on some FROST.

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