What is it like having HGTV in da house?

They came in the day before to see the location.  I took them to Sandy Hook center to get location shots, outside, (glorious weather thankfully for December).  And they did a brilliant job avoiding the holiday decorations that were out.  I think you get a glimpse of a wreath hanging outside my house.

The next day my husband cleared out with the kids for a day of Children's museums, and playtime so that the camera crew wouldn't have any interruptions.  I really appreciated this!  The kids would not have been able to stay away from the ACTION.  LOL!


They arrived early in the morning the next day to do the two projects.  First the producer went all over my craft area putting stickers on to obscure logos, Sharpie markers, etc.   She had Rebecca Sower stickers – so I approved.  LOL!  See that lovely 'ruler' sticker on my Wizard?  Even the flatbed scanner got a sticker.


The taping?  Well it was very fun.  But very nerve-wracking too.  I was NOT good at the talking part.  What? You've never known me to have difficulty yakking before?  Try doing it on camera!  LOL!



I kept trying to 'instruct' and they just wanted me to say 'I did this…'  and 'I did that'.  So you can't tell (thank goodness for editing) – but mostly they would have a camera pointed at what I was making (gentleman in the red shirt).  And during that time I would say things the way that I was comfortable talking about the process and they had the mike OFF.  Then we would reshoot the headshots – and I would look up, say a line (that Ceclia wrote for me (I needed a script!) from what I had said during the making of the item) and look back down, as if back to my work.  (guy in the black shirt).  He also had a blast filming my supplies – flowers, dancing ink applicators, and the hat shots.

This segment didn't make it in.  They lined up the dominos for the bracelet on my worktable to film them falling down.  He put them on a piece of cardstock for better contrast.  Cecilia was trying to poke them to get them to fall, but he could see her hand.  So she decided to blow them down.  Well, she blew too hard and the cardstock went sailing away and all the little baby dominos with it.  This after like 30 minutes of setting up for the shot.  At the time, it was hysterical.  And they knew they would get grief for it back at the studio.  There is no DELETING stuff when you mess up in the field apparently.


Thar she blows!!



That's the sound guy out in the front entrance hall.  I don't think my craft area has EVER had better lighting.

It was a blast overall.

but the word for today is W O O D E N


There were several steps that were glossed over or cut out entirely in the final edit.   My projects were DETAILED!  This was my staged out prep box for the bracelet segment.


After a long day, I took them over to Five Guys to grab some good burgers before they hit the road for the next crafting destination.


I hope you've enjoyed a peek at the behind-the-scenes of the show that aired today.  Make sure to visit HGTV's website.  They are always filming new episodes — perhaps they are going to visit your area soon?


And I really appreciate all the e-mails I've gotten this morning.  It's a LUCKY Friday the 13th today.  Thanks!  SL

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