HGTV episode #430 – Project #2 Instruction and Sources


*Small Domino ‘beads’ (30mm x 15mm), drilled with two holes in each side.
Alcohol-based Inks, blue, purple and silver metallic
Alcohol Blending Solution
8mm round hematite beads
Beadalon Stringing wire
Toggle and clasp closure
Crimp beads
Matte sealer spray
Ranger Glossy Accents (essential to use THIS)
Pewter wing charms
Non-stick craft sheet (Bazzill, Ranger and Tattered Angels make these)
Ink Applicator tool and felt
Oil-based Black archival ink (such as Memories or Ranger Archival Ink)
Metallic Silver Ink, quick-drying (such as Brilliance)
Snowflake stamps
Silver permanent marker (Krylon works best)
Needle-nose pliers

1. Place dominos on non-stick craft sheet
2. Place one dot of three colors of alcohol ink separately on applicator tool and pounce on the surface of the dominos.  Pause slightly between pounces to allow each application to dry.
3. Apply Alcohol Blending Solution to applicator tool and pounce on dominos to make agate background.
4. Stamp snowflake images Archival Black and Silver and let dry.
5. Spray lightly with Matte Sealer spray to protect images and let dry.
6. Edge dominos with a silver permanent marker.
7. String beading wire through toggle portion of clasp and fold at halfway point.  Make sure ends are even.
8. Thread on a crimp bead and place close to toggle and crimp with pliers.
9. Place both ends of wire through one hematite bead.
10. Separate strands of wire and thread a single hematite bead on each strand.
11. Adjust beads as you go to keep them tightly together
12. Put separate strands of wire through a domino bead.
13. Repeat, alternating hematite beads and domino beads on the separate strands of wire, until you have seven domino beads strung.
14. String final two hematite beads after seventh domino.
15. Place two wires together and string through a single hematite bead.
16. Adjust beads to make sure everything is tight.
17. Place two wires through a crimp bead.
18. Place two wires through the connection on the circle portion of the clasp
19. Pull wire taught and bring back through the crimp bead.
20. Crimp with pliers.
21. Cut wire close to bead.
22. Place bracelet on non-stick craft sheet. (Finished beaded necklace)
23. Coat each individual domino with Ranger Glossy Accents.  Start by going around outer edge and then fill in using applicator to cover bead.
24. Place angel wings on end dominos, into glue to adhere.  Place them so they would meet to form a pair of wings when the bracelet is clasped.
25. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight until glue is completely clear.


*Important to note that the small pre-drilled dominos are nearly impossible to find.  Try using medium ones instead.  These can be found at

Play with color.  There are so many fun combinations.  One of my favorite is with the Copper metallic ink and Pinks.


You get a lot of depth and dimension with the combination of stamping with black and then metallic.

And dont restrict yourself to bracelets.  Dominos by their very defination are PLAYFUL.  Here is a fun pin I made long ago for a craft fair.  I used paper for the base color and then applied lots of charms and shrink plastic art for the quote.


Have fun!


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