The Reason for The Season…

Religion can be a touchy topic, and I want to begin by saying that Hpim5455webI don’t have any religious foundation in my life, as my parents never took us to church growing up.  I always felt something was missing; and was determined that my own children have a foundation of religious belief to help guide them through their lives.


My first forays have been somewhat intellectual – keeping religion at arms length so-to-speak.  After all, religion has such historic significance!  There is so much to learn!  My doctrine is simple, religion as an equal opportunity for faith and belief in something more.  I don’t believe that any particular belief is wrong or right.  I don’t believe that one group is favored by God more than another.  I do want my children to have a basis for establishing their own beliefs, and I am enjoying seeing things through their eyes.  We are learning together.  The twins were shepherds in the Christmas pageant this year.  Brianna was one of the kings.  I am thankful that they understand that Christmas is about more than SANTA CLAUS.  In this at the very least, I feel I am doing right by them.

Hpim5477webThis year I will be looking into Faithbooking as a way to learn about, and share with my children the things that are important to me about my faith and combine it with my love of scrapbooking.  My first purchase will be a book, by Sharon Soneff of the Creative Imaginations licensed artists team.  It’s called, ‘Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling: Expressions of Faith through Art‘, ISBN: 1592532683.

To paraphrase the author, for me, 2007 will be an amazing year of new revelations as I discover how to integrate my artistic giftings into my spiritual life. Interestingly enough, I have found ways to insert my creativity into my professional pursuits…I have found ways to insert my creativity into my recreational pursuits…but why has it eluded my spiritual pursuits?  That will change and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

I hope that you too are finding your way and enjoying the journey.  Make time to create along the way.  Happy Holidays!

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