The Big {A}nnouncement!

Oh, yes – I have been BUUUUSY making preparations for a major event at my local scrapbook store.  My friend has a fabulous store in Milford, CT called Momento Scrapbooking & Paper Arts - and I dabble in being her assistant buyer and event coordinator.  She generously took me along to CHA-Winter, and we met some pretty amazing people, who, as it happens, were going to be in Connecticut this October. 

So of course – I asked the question – WILL YOU COME TO MOMENTO?  Here is your answer!Ae-momento

October is going to be an exciting month at Momento with some of the leading instructors in the industry here for an exclusive engagement!

Ali_ed3 Ali Edwards' passion is capturing life and creating art.  Momento is proud to announce that Ali Edwards is coming to the store for a 3-day teaching engagement and book signing!

Ali will be at Momento, teaching four different workshop classes from Monday, October 6th through Wednesday morning, October 8th.

JessicaHeadshot Jessica Sprague has a passion for telling the stories of her life with paper and pixels and Photoshop and words.

Jessica will be at Momento, teaching two different classes on Wednesday, October 8th.  Pack up your laptops and head to MOMENTO!

And I am still trying to get an e-mail through to one more person — so keep watching that web page!

I hope to see you there!

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