The Artist’s Table – A Studio Reality ‘Reveal’

Seth Apter has challenged fellow artists to show their studio tables in 'real life' use. Not like the lovely studio pictures you usually see online or in magazines, where it looks as if the studio is never used but sits in quiet expectation.  Here is the real, gritty, nothing moved aside, what it REALLY looks like on my studio table right now.


Truly, I do aspire to the orderliness in which my studio appeared in the pages of Cloth Paper Scissors' Studios magazine in the Summer, 2012 issue.


And it gets there.  It does.  

But I've just gotten through a melee of creativity heading up to my first production of around fifty stamp designs by Palettini, exclusively for Technique Junkies and their debut is coming up next month.  So I give myself a pass…

But frankly, this is what creativity looks like.  It doesn't look like Pottery Barn!

So a dose of reality here; and on Seth's blog, 'The Altered Page'.  Thanks for the inspiration, Seth!

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