Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Summer 2012

Take a visual vacation through 25 studios in the gorgeous summer issue of Studios. Throughout this 148-page special issue, you'll explore the studios of jewelry and fabric designers, a glass artist and cartoonist, quilters, and fiber artists! Plus, gain organization knowledge from the experts!



Angela Liguori's Studio


Be visually inspired with beautifully photographed studios! Enjoy tropical music, island décor, and art classes on a houseboat where even the table wears a grass skirt. Pull up a chair in a California garden and see the art seamlessly flowing out of the studio and into every nook and cranny of the outdoor space.

Go beyond the expected if you are deciding on countertops and work surfaces for your studio. Explore options—from stainless steel and glass to butcher block and laminate—with a professional kitchen designer. Then admire the worktables some our artists have found on the street, at garage sales, or cobbled together out of repurposed materials.

Put aside some time and space for kids and learn to say “yes to the mess”. Learn what specialists in art education for children, parents and grandparents are doing to make sure that the next generation knows that “art matters.”

In this issue you will also see:

  • Artists with two studios
  • The first step in the transformation of a Victorian farmhouse into an art school
  • Why artists like “thrifted” items for storage and can’t resist those little chests of drawers or cubbies
  • The Editor’s art cabinet makeover
  • Ruby Wrigley’s fabric necklace project. She’s 10!

Studios, Summer 2012 has all the tips and tricks you need to get your studio organized and help you create a charming space for the summer months!

On the cover, Studio of Casey Weigand, A Little Artsy. Photo by Kristen Critz, Kristen Raw Photography.




Oops! We made a mistake.

Please note that David Jacobson's studio is located in
Montville ME (not Montville, MA).

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STUDIOS Summer 2012

Table of Contents


__ Editor’s note

__ Message Board

__ Marketplace

__ Resources


Organization and Inspiration

12  Ceative People Are In Their “Right” Minds

Organizing the right brain way

     Lee Silber


18  It Doesn’t Take Much

     Kids create with household bits and bobs

     Carrie Bloomston


     22 Products for Kids

     Stock up your studio for summer fun

     Lindsey Murray


     24 Editor Comes Clean

     Before and after a cabinet makeover

     Linda Blinn


     26 Focused on the Future

     A day at a time after hurricane Irene

     Ann Brauer


















32 Blue Skies and A Blue Victorian

New life for an 1890s farmhouse

Jane Dunnewold


40 The Seven-Year Studio

A quilting studio in progress

Cheryl Arkison



46 Susy Pilgrim Waters, Erin Zamrzia, Nina Bagley, Angela Walters,

Helen Shafer Garcia, Sally Lynn MacDonald, Angela Liguori,



81 Artists with Two Studios

David Jacobson, Jill Morris, Jane Davies




96 Ruby Wrigley, Moorea Hoffman, Casey Wiegand, Diane Wright,

Sandy Reid, Jennifer Yamamura



119 Carolyn Dube, Brandy Lynn Maslowski, Mary Susan Vaughn,
 Pamela Dunivan-Cafferty, Marie Castle Wing, Bonita (Bonnie) Eaton








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