Spelunking Update – The Scrapbox MiniBox

One of the items that actually functions, and functions well in my studio is my Original Scrapbox Minibox.  I chose the counter-height model, since I already had wall-units and really needed more storage as well as more table space.


I have been immeasurably happy with this piece of furniture.

And today I found another reason to love it…the smallest containers, are these long, narrow pieces, that to date, didn't have a particular use for me — they were a bit of a catch-all for smaller items.  I just discovered that they are the perfect size for my entire ART-C embellishment collection!


These are the storage drawers that I'm using for my ART-C embellishment supplies.  They are 3"wide x 12"long x 3"high.  You can see them here:


I love it when something works well.  And now I've got a grab-and-go solution for when I want to put them in my tote and take them with me too.

Are you having any happy finds along the way to your creating a space that works for you?


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