Spelunking Update: Ink Pads – to dye for…

9Ink pads are, of course, a passion of mine.  Over the years I've gone through many iterations of storage solutions for them.  Hopefully one of these ideas will help you in your journey to organization.

I've gone from portable solutions like these Stanley tool cases…



To mesh, zippered bags from CTMH:

Z4200 Accessories Case from CTMH

But little by little, I went from needing portability to needing a place to store them in my studio.

At first, I went to a turntable tower unit.  And while this is nice, over time I felt that my table space was far more valuable to me.



I met my friend Lisa for lunch this week and she became the new owner of the tower.

So where am I now?  Well some things have stayed the same.  I still go portable with my Ranger products, and the now discontinued cases from Advantus, are an absolute favorite of mine.

The Distress Ink case is my absolute favorite.  This year, I've been able to get my hands on two more of them (bless my friends!).

And finally my dye-based CTMH, Momento (for Copics), Quick Quotes, Colorbox Chalks, Brilliance, Stazon and specialty ink pads live in this cassette tape sorter. 


It isn't your traditional holder, it is meant to be a tabletop unit, with the cassette tapes stacked for sale in each cubby. 

A traditional 100-cassette holder is too constraining because of the height of each compartment can limit what style of inkpad will fit inside.


Minus those individual shelves, you can take advantage of the usual stacking footprint of ink pads to maximize the number that will fit in a cubby.

Many of my ink pads have their color coding on the short end – soooo, I wanted to go long in those cubbies. 

Now it's time to hang it on the wall.  My suggestion to you, for any wall-hung storage like this is to NOT hang it flush against the wall.  What I've done, is place wooden stretcher bars along the bottom.  These are like thin wooden blocks, but the have a lip, so they are easy to align nicely along the bottom edge.  I glued them to the back, bottom of the holder.  An easier low-tech solution is to put 'top hat' style push-pins spaced along the bottom.  You just need something to give it a tilt.

Good luck with your organizing!

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