Some Stampavie Love…

As I'm organizing my own stamp collection here at home, TWO things are patently obvious:

  1. I love stamps (well, duh!)
  2. And I have a lot of stamps from particular manufacturers

So much is this love-fest – that I created a category for those manufacturers, themselves – just so I could gaze upon my catalog by company if I wanted to.  Just look at that list on the right hand side (and that's not the whole list – it doesn't fit on one screen!)


Of course the pitfall of organizing is when you gaze upon your lovely stamp indexes, you realize that you must play with these stamps NOW.  And even more urgent becomes this need when you teach a workshop on Copic coloring over the weekend *waving at the ladies at Ink About It*, and tout these fabulous stamps…

The result is today's juggernaut of Stampavie love, brought to you by the recently catalogued stamps… five cards.  A shocking one-day total for me.

 Skateboard Dude stamp by Gillian Roberts for Stampavie
Spring is Back stamp by Sarah Kay for Stampavie 
Margeaux is Painting by Sarah Kay for Stampavie
Mummu by Mo Manning for Stampavie 
Soccer Crazy by Gillian Roberts for Stampavie

And that's not all I own of course.  I'm actually going to have to go through my card basket and get some scanned, etc.  But for now, I hope you enjoy these, and any of my other Stampavie creations HERE.

I think I actually got my Copic coloring fix for the day!

Good night!


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