Sisterhood of the traveling Wacom tablet

I’m on the way home from a weekend teaching gig in Myrtle Beach, SC. At least I think I am. I just heard over the intercom that there is a 2 hour delay to the Northeast. At least the direct flight to Newark is affected. I’m sure this will affect me, at least my connection.

For now my flight to D.C. isn’t for another 3 hours. Bummer! I came to the airport early in hopes of getting standby on an earlier flight. But at least I actually found a DESK by TSA’s area and they said I could use it. So Witreless? check. Laptop? check. Hmmm, digital scrapbooking anyone?

And I have a quote to scrap too. A gentleman just looked at me at the desk and pointed to the men’s room, and asked, is it a small restroom? I’m not sure what he was asking me there ladies. Size matters?


And of course my clothing is lovingly tucked in my checked baggage, to cushion the inkpads and products within – so the laptop and tablet are all that I have in my possesion along with my purse.

I’m going to bounce over to and Orbitz and see if I have anything to seriously worry about.

But I thought I’d at least type a note first. Stay tuned for more excitement from the airport. NOT!

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