Self-Portrait – Halloween style..

Today is Neil’s annual company Halloween Party. 

I think I have mentioned a few times (just a few!) how much I like Halloween.  It stems from having a birthday on the day after.  Growing up, I always felt like it was the most fun time of year, and everybody was in a good mood and having fun.  Even the adults would get into the fun.  So as an adult – I am definitely one of those people that ‘gets into’ Halloween.  Hey, I age at midnight on Halloween night.  How scary is that???

And thankfully Neil is just as much of a kid as I am.  He is upstairs donning a Frankenstein costume and keeps telling me (like an excited little kid) that he’ll be down to get his face painted in 10 minutes.  Maybe less!

I’ve already painted my face for the day.  Meow.

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