Scenes from the Outer Banks

I still remember Celia from the production company that taped the "That’s Clever" segments this past December, where I had a little scrapbook album featuring summer pictures in it, saying ‘what is OBX’?  And when I explained ‘The Outer Banks’, she still had no idea where I was talking about.  I guess the Outer Banks of North Carolina wouldn’t be a vacation hotspot if you live in California.  I can see why! 

But for us, there is no better place to be during the summertime.  And so, we are here.  The weather is fine, the beach is amazing, and my husband is inclined to cook for me when I can get him fresh grouper, scallops, shrimp and crab legs at the farm market up the street.  What more could you wish for? 

Here are some scenes from the beach today.  Enjoy!

Here is Courtney.  This little girl skips everywhere.  And I discovered that this includes the ocean.  Skippin’ in the waves…Hpim6904web

Brianna is looking a little too much like a Baywatch girl here.  At eight years old – I’m thinking we better start building that tower NOW.  With a moat.  With snapping crocodiles.  Oh who am I kidding.  I’m just preparing for all the gray hair I’m going to be getting in the teen years…


And on to Cameron.  Happy-go-lucky as always.  He is not sitting in the sand.  He is buried STANDING up in the sand.  He was not too happy when he discovered how stuck he really was!  But we weren’t close to the surf and his sisters helped to dig him out – and one tug from Daddy and he was rescued.


That is it for tonight.  Just one more to show – I loved the luck of the composition here.  It makes me feel like a photographer when you find a spot like this to shoot your picture.  The kids actually pointed it out to me!  Aren’t they good little scrappers-in-training?


I hope you are having some summer fun as well.

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