Quotation Inspiration

Sometimes a song lyric speaks to me.  Girl power anthems seem to be a recurring theme.  That whole feminista genre plus a few notable male artists, including Coldplay, Justin Timberlake and Josh Krajcik seem to occupy my current playlist.

My most recent favorite is the song, 'Human' by Christina Perri; from the album Head or Heart.  

It inspired me to make this 4" x 12" mixed media canvas.


Listen to it.


Go play with some paints.  I used Art Anthology's Sorbet and Stone Effects along with a few Montana Paint pens.

And consider setting some limits where your heart is concerned. I know I am very guilty of giving nth chances. Today I stopped doing that.  Cut it out.  Access Denied.  It's time to get some girl power back.

Run into the front yard of your life and dance through the love sprinklers.  You are enough.

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