Me, on HGTV!? YEP!



I have two segments on episode #430 of That’s Clever on HGTV and FINALLY we have an airdate.  It will premiere at 8:00am on Friday 2/13.  Woo Hoo!!!  Set your DVR and get ready to laugh at how goofy I look on television.  *can you spell W-O-O-D-E-N*?


After all, when I cannot say Ranger's Glossy Accents, and instead have to substitute the product name for 'a clear-drying adhesive that does not self-level'.  Oh yeah.  That sounded natural.


Who knows, that bit may have made the cutting-room floor, but at least the whole two segments didn't.  LOL.  Be prepared to laugh.  Hopefully with me and not at me.  :)  The hats and dominos will be flying…


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