The Original Scrapbox – now even better! AND A PRIZE

Update!  Leave a comment on this post about how much you LOVE or WANT a Scrapbox and be entered into a drawing for one of THIRTY ScrapMaBob's!  Such a great cupholder and scraps keeper all in one (a $20 value).  I will do a random integer drawing on MONDAY evening at midnight.  Good luck!!!  (and thanks, Glenn!)


If you remember back in November, I was having a pretty good birthday weekend.  I spent an evening assembling my new Original Scrapbox Minibox and started filling it up.  As I was doing this, I noticed that the swinging interior door panels (that have velcro packets on the inside) were blank on the outer edge.  I looked inside when one side was closed, and saw that there was definitely some room there to store low profile items.

Soon thereafter I called Glenn at and one good idea met another.  They held an immediate brainstorming session and the result is:



The interior edge of the swinging doors will have a magnetic whiteboard.

This surface is perfect for storing low profile dies, such as those by Spellbinders.  The magnetics are strong enough to hold a full set of Nestabilities.

This option should be available in March 2009.

On the full size Original Scrapbox, the space I utilized would have been the storage area for the folding tabletop.  When the Minibox was invented, the essence of the design remained the same.  But the area for stowing folding table top was no longer needed.  This is what I took advantage of.  Realizing this, they have done the same thing for the Original Scrapbox as well, on the upper portion of the panels.  This area is also free for storing your low profile tools on a magnetic whiteboard surface.

So the already amazing Scrapbox is now even better!  Please make sure to visit The Original Scrapbox at CHA Winter in Anaheim.  And tell them Sally Lynn sent you! šŸ™‚

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