LAYOUT: Normal isn’t a Virtue

This layout stemmed from being in a FUNK today.  That's what my Mom would call it at least. 

I tried to avoid it entirely.  Usually I can go all Scarlett O'Hara and say 'Fiddledeedee!' instead of letting a situation get to me.  When it comes to negative people, negative thinking and negative 'self talk' usually I am TEFLON.  But on some days it's more like being surrounded by a fog of poison, and you have no choice but to breathe it in.  My gosh that was dramatic!  Ergo 'the mood'.

So I was in a state of not getting anything done today.  I had to get out of it.  Then I watched Adam Lambert perform during his appearance on the Today show.  That brightened 'the mood'.  And then I grabbed my Copic Markers and sat down to color.  That completely brightened 'the mood'.

Then I had a discussion with my oldest about always trying, and not giving in to fear of the unknown because that path leads to regret.  It's a big lesson for a ten year old.  Will it sink in?  It's just about Travel Soccer Tryouts.  I know she wants to try – but would rather not try then face the uncertainty.  Ok, that doesn't come from me!!

Then DH came upstairs after an overseas conference call and transformed into the troll under the bridge. 

What is up with these moods????  Is it the weather?  That's it folks, I will never move to Seattle or the Rainforest if this is what becomes of people when it rains too much.

So I sat down with the girls before bedtime and we had a coloring lesson, using Crayola colored pencils on this great 'girl's face' stamp from Prickley Pear.


Courtney added a crown to her girl.  Brianna did great shading with the hair and gave her girl freckles.  It was very calming to sit and color with them.  I should really do it more often!

Mood improving dramatically.  But seriously, Crayola, do I need to buy Prismacolor pencils for the girls in order to have a quality product?  These things break when you apply the lightest pressure.  That isn't helping the mood here.  We had fun in spite of the nasty pencils.

So I continued coloring after they went to bed and made it into a layout with one of my favorite movie quotes.  It applies to Adam Lambert.  It applies to how I see things.  It applies to being an individual and staying true to yourself:

"My darling girl, when are you going to understand that “normal” isn’t a virtue?
It rather denotes a lack of courage."
–Stockard Channing, in Practical Magic



  • Rusty Pickle 'Pop Star' collection paper (it is so great to color!)
  • Prickley Pear Stamps WF1S Women's Faces
  • Copic Markers R29, RV39, BG05, YG13, YG17, Y19, E00, E01, E04, E33, E55, E37, E59

I have to remember that I choose who I am going to surround myself with.  Even if it is a more difficult path to remove something from my life – it is far preferable to poison.

So I'm going to continue on my path, still believing in the general goodness of people.  Looking up more than looking out… and coloring with my girls when I can.

And that's it!  More journaling than anything else but that is where I am tonight.

Getting back to sparkley things – you have about 40 minutes to enter!



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