I sprang from my bed to … play with UTEE

First, thank you to the lovely ladies who took my classes at the Camp Hill SDV this past weekend.  And a special shout out of humble gratitude to my roommate, Dawn – who had to put up with the fact that I got socked with a tummy bug on Friday night.  Poor Dawn!  I’m the worst roomie evah! 

Not that my students could tell.  Except that since waking up and going down to the conference room at 4:00am on Saturday morning — I had the most ORGANIZED CLASSROOM OF MY LIFE.  LOL.  Keeping busy and the wonderful adrenaline of teaching kept me going all day.  But once class was over KAPUT.  I was out.

I have been pretty much down for the count since returning home – but this afternoon my energy started to return a bit, and I have actually eaten a meal.  So things are turning around.

Most notably, I can tell I’m feeling better when I’m doing some late night e-mail reading and BLAMMO!  I literally dashed off to my craft area to try out this cool technique by Suze Weinburg.  I sprinted for the melting pot, so strong was my urge to break out of this lingering bleh…


And here is my humble first attempt.  I’d like a bolder stamp for the technique, and I’m not certain that I don’t like the pre-flattened version much better than this end result.  But hey, it got me out of bed.  That’s all good.

I should mention that the lumps are those cute flat backed pebbles by Robin’s Nest.  I added them while things were still hot and gave it one more zap of the heat gun.

Ok, the midnight muse has returned.  I’m officially out of bleh.  But I think I will go to bed now.  Night!

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