Gel Printing Plates and the MISTI

Recently I had a very productive stamping session making movie party invitations. I used the small gel printing plate shapes with the MISTI to make two cards at once with perfect precision.

Looking at the shapes in this set, I was struck by how the Triangle and the Rectangle shapes combined to make a Pause / Play looking button combo. Add to the inspiration, the Iron Man and Captain America color scheme, and my design was decided upon.


To start, I placed the card fronts onto my MISTI, with each card front pushed into the far upper and lower corners for alignment and held in place with the magnets.

I then positioned the Triangle and Rectangle plates as needed to make the final image.


To make things simpler from a paint application perspective, because the final placement was so close to each other, I applied red paint to the triangle and blue paint to the rectangle – and then closed the lid and stamped the Gel Printing Plates onto the card front.


Then it was easy to simply switch places for each card front, aligned again into the upper and lower right corners, and reapply the paints.

20160517_145211web 20160517_145305web20160517_145404web

As a final step before embellishing the finished cards, I pounced a brown ink around both shapes and stamped each card front again to add a distressed look.


Making multiple cards quickly was amazingly easy to accomplish with the Gel Printing Plates and the MISTI!

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