Island of Misfit Stamping Tools

Do you have creative tools that never seemed to get past ‘Go’? Tools that seemed like a good idea at the time — but then the time never really came to pass, unless you count the cobwebs collecting on them?


So it was for these sad tools: a collection of Just Rite Wood Mounts for making my own sentiments and a Rollagraph holder and wheels. UNTIL TODAY.

Today, they became COOL again because I employed their use with my Gel Press monoprinting plate.

Scan_20160516_2web Scan_20160516web

And now they have earned a place in my Raskog cart.

Do you have any tools that could make a mark in your artwork? Never mind the line that my scanner decided to draw down the center of my prints. That isn’t the kind of mark-making I am talking about!

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