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All of the hoopla about these ‘Fifty Shades…’ books and movie made me remember a project I started a year ago. I was putting together extremely detailed tutorials and videos, for free, to a Facebook group I called The Technique Hump.


No the word, ‘hump’ is not what made me think about it…

One of the tutorials specifically had to do with shadows, shading and GRAY. Did you know that Copic makes 46 shades of gray? FORTY SIX.


I was pretty excited about the project.

But then life threw a curve ball… and the project went by the wayside.

Life is *knock on wood* being quite kind to my creative endeavors at the moment – but upon reflection, the schedule I was putting myself through for the project was just as detailed and intensive as the videos.  I believe the Technique Hump will return soon – but on a monthly basis.

If you never heard of it…or if you’d like to take a look: the tutorials and videos are now available on the Online Classes menu. Still free and the videos look it.  LOL – but good stuff there.

If you’d like to join the group on Facebook so that you can be informed when new FREE tutorials arrive, here is the link: Otherwise, watch that menu item, or click on the category link below.

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