Club Scrap Digital Artist Team

I am a member of the New Club Scrap Digital Artist Team!


Last month, I was intrigued by a quote on the Club Scrap website.  It said that the current digital club was ending in October of 2008.  So I called to find out more – and heard that they were coming out with something truly amazing for the NEW Club Scrap Digital.  A month went by and then I got an e-mail announcing it, I ran straight to the website to check it out!

The digital program at Club Scrap® has recently undergone some exceptional new changes, with their goal being to become the unique offering in the digital world that they've become in the paper world — a monthly kit membership club offering what no other company does.

Their extraordinary designs and exquisite paper textures translate perfectly into the digital world, making them the only company whose digital products are over 90% true to the paper products it produces. This makes their products a complete hybrid combination and offers incredible textures and designs to the digital world. 

Their traditional paper products are scanned, photographed, color and tone corrected and expertly extracted at an extremely high resolution to make them the highest quality digital products you can find on the market.

There is a sample kit that is FREE for download here.  These are some pages that I made using the sample kit.



How Can You Join?

Each monthly theme is produced in three separate clubs, released on three different days of the month (the 1st, 15th, and 20th). Along with these membership kits, smaller matching collections are released for individual purchase. An all-encompassing membership option that includes all of the month's digital items is also available for those who must have everything!  To learn more, go to their website:

I've got to get right to play now – as we've already gotten our first assignment.  So keep watch because this Club has gone Digital in a delightful way!

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