Checking In… Working Out… Making Change

I had my six month appt. two weeks ago, and I've lost 108 lbs. so far.  Hard to believe I get to say that.  Pretty surreal!  If you'd told me six months ago that I would be standing up to speak at a WLS seminar in the same room where I had attended one… I wouldn't have thought it possible.

I participated in a March for Change at the Hartford State Capital building, and I am one of the founding members of a new Newtown Moms group: my mission is large-scale community building events.  I've already got a great idea which I'm going to spearhead.  It feels good to try and foster the spirit of community here post 12/14 and the shooting at SHS.

So while I have been meaningfully productive — I do need to get back to dedicating myself to these last 38 lbs.

That being said, the last two weeks I have not been dedicating myself to tracking and working out.  That is changing this week.

First step was an awesome workout on Saturday, where I hit 6.1 miles on the elliptical as well as the full weight circuit.  I'm going to get back to my 3-4 times a week.  Went again tonight.

I've also signed up for my first 5K, the Sandy Hook Run for the Families which is occuring next month.  Wish me luck!  I've NEVER done ANYTHING like that before!

I took another contractor-sized trash bag FULL of clothes to Goodwill today.  These were some of the hardest clothes to part with, because they were the last hold-outs… things that I'd always felt good in when I was at my heaviest.  Now they are just really big clothes.  Hopefully someone else will get their feel-good vibes down the road.

I did luck out when I was spelunking in the closet, as I turned to the nearby cedar chest and started to clear it out as well I discovered about sixteen tops that, while a tad 'comfy' at least will get me through the rest of the Winter so I don't need to recycle the four outfits that actually fit me now ad nauseum.  I really want to wait until I'm at goal weight to do the shopapalooza.

One of the things that serves me well when it comes to changing the habit of mindless snacking is to keep my mind busy.  I have never read as much as I do now.  I'm hopeful to start attending a local book club once the Winter sports are all wrapped up.

On Valentine's Day I told my husband that the only thing I wanted was to pursue more knowledge about my passions, graphic design and art.  So I'm hitting the books, attending a live-model sketching session once a week and signed up for daytime courses at a local art school as my schedule allows.

I thank God every day for life's blessings, my family, my newfound health and how much support I have received.  It has truly lifted my spirit and made it soar.

In six months I have moved past feeling the martyr, living within the confines of my weight and making choices that weren't necessary in order to achieve true happiness.  I learned it really was up to ME to make the changes.

So that's a little blurbage for the night.  Just wanted to put it out there.

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