Planner Love – Favorite Tools for my New Addiction

I'll admit it. I jumped on the Planner bandwagon quite late. But recently I started a full-time job and the pressing need for something to manage all aspects of my life other than in a Google Calendar took hold. As one of the inaugural ANCIENT users of the PalmPilot...let's have a moment here to feel the weight of this non-tech desire for a paper planner. I know, right? The first thing I wanted … [Read more...]

You Are So Sweet – a House Mouse Card

After the kids' lemonade stand this weekend, I wanted to make a card for one of our neighbors who supported the kids and I enjoyed catching up with too.    The kids made enough money, with a little matching funds from Mommy & Daddy to donate $95.00 to in support of taking care of the marine life affected by the Gulf oil spill. This little House Mouse stamp that I … [Read more...]

Shabby Cherries Card with Webster’s Pages

I don't make a lot of projects during the Summer - for three short reasons. ;)  Time is at a premium, and there is just too much fun to be had.  After a tea party lunch, complete with cake and an afternoon of thunder showers, the kids are back to camping out in the family room for one more night.    So tonight I decided to take one piece of paper and see where it … [Read more...]