Handmade Christmas Ornament DIY

I was happily invited to participate in an art sisters ornament swap this year. Albeit a last minute invitation - knowing that perhaps I thrive on the last minute, I was up for the challenge? This holiday season is putting that to the test. But while my sugar plums are nestled in bed I will attemp to walk you through their construction. The hardest part was taking pictures with one hand while … [Read more...]

Cohesive Ingredients

Last night I started a pot of Green chile chicken chile.  I had quite a few e-mail messages about that, so I decided I would share the recipe with you.  This comes from years of living in Texas and Florida, and attending my share of chili cook-offs through the years. Ingredients: 2 lb. chicken.  I use boneless just to make things easier, and I've sometimes added 1/2 lb. of … [Read more...]

DIY Redux – Tiered Stand for Paints

Last summer, my studio was featured in the Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Summer edition.  In that article was a picture of a tiered stand I had put together from some silver plated trays and a threaded lamp rod as the support 'spine' of the stand (as indicated by the arrow, below.) Post-publication, I decided that the stand was too wobbly.  It was like a demented version of … [Read more...]