Camera Ready!

This is truly so exciting! And I keep pinching myself too.  HGTV is coming to tape two projects for the show, ‘That’s Clever’ at my house this weekend!

The producer and cameraman came by today and moved my work table at an angle, but other than that they were satisfied with the space. This after I moved out the air hockey table of course. Hey, a girl’s gotta take a break with the kids sometimes. Cameron plays a mean air hockey game…

We went to Sandy Hook center and they took some film for the show.  It was neat to have my little town getting some airtime too.

The taping is ALL day on Saturday, but not airing until Season 4, which will start airing in June. It could be anytime between June and November for an airdate, but I will be told in June what my episode number is.

How fun is that?

They also went through both projects with me, editing steps and such and discussing other funny stuff that we’ll do.  (Yes the hats are involved)…

Anywho, I thought I’d share my craft area.  It’s actually pretty neat right now, even though my island is covered with pieces for the show that are drying (don’t peek!)

I’ll try and post from left to right.  This is my living room, which has served as my craft studio for several years now.

Mycraftarea1Mycraftarea2 Mycraftarea3 Mycraftarea4 Mycraftarea5

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