Back from T-Day with the family – and in the newspaper!

Well, we just got back last night from visiting my husband’s family in Arkansas over the holiday weekend; and this morning I got a call from a friend who had seen us in the newspaper, as well as from a local newspaper reporter that was going to print it in our hometown paper as well.  She said the Associated Press had picked up the story – and it was all over the place on Wednesday I guess.  How fun!

We were waiting in the food court at New York’s LaGuardia airport and answered some questions from a reporter on our way out and…

"Sally and Neil MacDonald, of Sandy Hook, Conn., were traveling to Arkansas for a big family reunion. "It’s too long to drive," said Sally MacDonald, surrounded by her kids at a crowded LaGuardia food court. "This gives us more time to enjoy family instead of having our three little kids in the car for 22 hours."

Brianna, Courtney and Cameron were looking forward to "Grandpa’s ribbies, Uncle Bruce’s cinammon rolls and swimming in the pool at the hotel," she said. She was carrying pumpkin cheesecake in a covered plastic pie plate. They’d checked the TSA Web site, which pictured a hamburger and fries, and said food is allowed as long as it’s covered so it doesn’t spill on the conveyer belt.

"If they don’t allow it, I guess the airport security will be enjoying my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving," she said.”"

I also found a live link on an NBC website.  Too funny.  I really like the reference to ‘Grandpa’s ribbies’.  I’m sure that will make him smile.

I hope everybody had a safe and fun holiday weekend.

P.S. Here is one of my favorite rendition’s of the aforementioned Pumpkin Cheesecake.  It was originally published in Gourmet Magazine in 1990.  Ahhh, back 1990 B.C. (Before.Children), when I was a subscriber to that culinary delight and cooked more than mac & cheese and chicken nuggets.


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