Art & Soul MITI Project

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… I always feel a sense of relaxation after Fedex has picked up my boxes for the next event on the horizon.  It's something about those e-mails telling me where they are along the way.  So reassuring.

choooooooooo!…the other half of that equation is that today I officially started sneezing like a crazy woman.  Something is blooming and I'm not liking it.  So into the travel bag goes some allergy medication as I pack up for Art & Soul in Hampton, VA this weekend. 

I'll be doing Copic demonstrations and a fun Make n Take project at the Collage on-site store all day Friday and Saturday during the event.


Come by and say, "Hi!" and try out your hand at coloring with Copic markers.  We'll be airbrushing as well.  Airbrushing the roses red.  Still not enough to please the Queen of Hearts though, as the little card guy with the ArtGirlz charms for arms and legs will attest.

Speaking of the Queen – the stamps I used for this project were purchased at The Queen's Ink, in Savage, MD.  Some of them are so fun and unique.  Call Patti to order them if you'd like.  Here are the images I own, but she has even more, including a queen and the rabbit that are currently on order.


My favorite quote being, "Curtsey while you're thinking what to say.  It saves time."

So stop by, curtsey, and get inky with me this weekend. 

I've got Neenah cardstock to pick up from my local Great American Stamp Store and Glimmer Mist to pack.  And then I've gotta jet!

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