‘Art Is…. You’ the East Coast Mixed Media Art Retreat!


Art Is –
The smoosh of a rubber stamp on crisp paper;
The whirr of the sewing machine piecing a block; 
The clatter of beads being threaded on a needle;
The snip of a wire cutter attaching a clasp to a bracelet; 
The tap of the painter's brush mixing the perfect sunset red;
The prick of a needle piercing layers of fabric;
The rip of watercolor paper being torn into signatures; 
The squish of acrylics leaving a tube;
The hum of activity in a room full of dollmakers;
The giggles of artists making tiaras;
The greetings of artists not seen since last year;
The applause of generous artists at Show 'N Tell;
The sounds of lives changing;
The words of joy, the tears of happiness, The bonds of friendship forged through art.
These things and more, are all what Art Is.
Art is waiting for you.
Art Is…You the East Coast Mixed Media Art Retreat is coming to Cromwell, CT October 8-11, 2009.  The 2nd annual event has the theme 'Taking Tea with Alice' this year.

Come jump down the rabbit hole with us!

*Poetry by Mrs. Pom
*Art work by Pamela Huntington

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